Amber of Gdańsk

Baltic Stone is a place located in the heart of Gdańsk, where exceptional amber jewelry and ornaments can be found. Perceived as Baltic Sea souvenirs, they can also be sophisticated accessories for daily and evening attire for women and men of any age. Thanks to our effort you can always have them by your side. For 25 years, we continuously keep creating those splendid works of art made of amber and silver. Find out more about Baltic Stone!

bursztyn w gdańsku

Amber- the strength lies in nature...


What can we offer?

In our offer you can find beautiful products made of combination of amber and noble metals. This combination will ensure that you will always have a small part of Baltic Sea by your side. Our pedants, necklaces, bracelets and tie clips are a classic, recognized not only by our clients. Amber jewelry will surely prove to be a great stylish accessory complementing your outfit. Amber statues in the shape of a lion, which is the official symbol of Gdańsk, also have a wide appeal among our customers.

History enchanted in stone...

The Amber Gallery

Amber Gallery is located next to Mariacka Gate in Gdańsk. A display of numerous exceptional works of art are waiting for you by the Mariacka 29. You can personally experience the quality of our amber products and choose a special present for yourself or your loved ones. In Baltic Stone you can not only find unique jewelry – but we can also offer you a professional customer counselling and a presentation of our amber products.

galeria bursztynu